About ASCC

Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC) is one of the leading solvents, fluids and chemical supply companies in Australia. We specialise in supplying solvents, fluids, chemicals, resins and other raw materials to a broad range of manufacturing industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ASCC is a customer centric company leading the industry in the research, development and manufacture of chemicals, solvents and other related products. We have made it our mission to focus on safety and the health and well-being of our employees, our customers and the environment around us. Our team are pro-actively engaged in continual improvements of our quality systems and our corporate standards are always well above simple compliance of regulations for our industry.

ASCC is committed to providing manufacturing industries a consistent and secure supply of high quality products. We provide national logistics and local storage in major capital centres and are dedicated to creating personalized solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

ASCC is unmatched in its ability to meet challenging customer requirements. Our expertise allows us to customize chemical solutions for your business’ specific needs. ASCC will come through with solutions for your needs and become an invaluable supplier to your business. We are your one-stop supplier with total package offerings for manufacturers.

Our team works closely with our customers, giving them technical expertise and advice on products to achieve the optimum end product for their specific applications, customers and the environment. Through our close affiliations and technical ties with our own major producers, we can provide the correct product recommendations, specifications and testing. Our team at ASCC is comprised of highly respected industry experts who stay abreast of the latest industry practices and innovations, through our major suppliers, industry forums and technical seminars.

When companies like ExxonMobil Chemical need sustainable storage and distribution solutions they turn to ASCC.

Since our original incorporation as “Solchem” in 1996, ASCC has grown to become one of the largest distributors of solvents, chemicals and resins in Australasia.

We are a proud Australian owned and operated company focused on supplying the needs of today’s requirements.

Australia +61 7 3209 7250
Indonesia +62 21 3970 0658
New Zealand +64 0800 754 767
Singapore +65 6258 0424